How big of a projector screen do I need

How big of a projector screen do I need? Choosing the right size for your projector and viewing area is not as simple as getting out the measuring tape and seeing what it says. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how big a projector screen I need, including the main things to consider, the best resolution sizes, and much more.

There are a few variables to consider when choosing how large your projector screen should be. It all depends on how far away you want your audience to sit and how much money you want to spend on your projector. 

Generally speaking, the farther away your audience sits, the larger your projection needs to be so everyone in attendance can clearly see it. Likewise, if you’re hosting large crowds and have deep pockets, you may even opt for multiple projectors so that you don’t have to buy an unnecessarily large one. 

You might also find it helpful to consider if or when guests will be sitting in front of or behind your projected image. But these are just some general guidelines; every situation is different.

How big is your room (size)?

The best way to choose your screen size is by measuring your viewing distance and multiplying that number by 2. So, if you’re sitting 16 feet away from your TV (length), you’ll want to get an 8-foot-wide projection screen (2 x 16 = 32 inches). A standard viewing distance is 9 to 12 feet, so most people use an 8-foot wide wall. 

But if you have more space or will be sitting far away, a larger size can be better because it provides more surface area for video quality. If you’re planning on sitting very close and watching something in HD (like Blu-ray), then larger sizes won’t make much difference, and a 70-inch screen will look just as good as an 85 one.

How to position your projector? 

Once you have decided where to put your projector, you should consider some things before finalizing everything. You will need to determine how far away from the screen (and audience) you want to place it. The ideal distance is usually 5 feet from floor level and 1 foot from ceiling level for the best viewing experience for everyone in attendance. 

It will allow a maximum of 4 feet high screen when projected onto a 9 feet high wall or up to 12 feet tall if projected onto an 18 feet high wall. If possible, find out what cable connections your projector supports and any additional requirements like power outlet location, etc. Make sure that all links work with all equipment before finalizing anything.

How far are you sitting from your screen?

Typically, you want to sit anywhere from 3 to 8 times farther away from your screen than its diagonal measurement. So if you’re looking at a 100-inch screen, plan on sitting anywhere from 3 feet to 8 feet away. 

It gives you enough picture size while also allowing for optimal viewing angles. Your eyes won’t have to work as hard and strain when they don’t have to work too hard. Remember that with today’s high-resolution projectors, even when seated closer, you’ll still be able to see every last detail without having to zoom in or out at all.

Projection Distance from Screen

Projection Distance From Screen Calculation Chart – 5 Feet from floor to ceiling is optimal for viewing. This distance allows for a maximum 4 feet high screen, and 18 feet high wall allows for up to a 12 feet tall screen.

The size of your projection surface will determine how large you can make your image, but it will also affect how bright that image appears. As we said above, if you have an extensive projection surface, you’ll be able to make an image larger than if you had a smaller one. But with that larger surface comes more ambient light, which can affect brightness and contrast in your projected image.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how big a projector screen I need. Choosing the right size for your projector screen can be difficult, so we have put together a comprehensive list of factors to consider when determining the right size for your needs. With this article, we hope to be able to help you find the perfect size for your needs. 


How big should my projector screen be?

Whether you’re sharing content with customers or providing entertainment for your employees, ensuring everyone has a good view of your screen is essential. Most people think that bigger is better for projector screens, but you can get too big. If you have people standing up during your presentation, they won’t be able to see your content.

What kind of projector do I need for outdoor movies?

This question has been asked so many times that I decided to write an entire post about it. To sum it up, it’s based on your distance from your audience and how bright you want your image to be. 

What is a good size for a projector screen?

The most common screen sizes are 100 – 120 inches (2.5m-3m) diagonal; however, the size you choose is mainly determined by the size of your space. It is approximately 2.2m-2.65m wide (based on a widescreen 16:9 projector), making it worthwhile to use a projector rather than a professional display.

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