How far to sit from monitor – Useful Tips

The ideal distance between you and your computer monitor depends on the size of your screen, the size of your eyes, and the amount of text you have to read. For example, a large monitor and small text need you to sit closer to your monitor, but you can afford to sit back a little further if you have a small monitor with significant text.

It depends on what you do daily and the type of monitor you are using. If you are looking for how far to sit from the monitor, this blog is the best guide for you.

How far to sit from the monitor

A reasonable distance to sit from the monitor is 1-2 feet. If you are sitting more than 2 feet, it is better to sit forward in your chair. Make sure your monitor is at eye level to your dominant eye. It can be achieved by adjusting the monitor. 

If this is not possible, use a document holder of some sort, so you look at the screen through your dominant eye. Some people like to sit slightly more than 2 feet away from their monitor because it helps them focus on the screen better. You should find the best position for you and stick to it.

What factors influence your monitor distance?

Three factors usually influence monitor distance. If all three are relatively lower than the ideal, the image quality will be lower. So, make sure you keep those three factors under control. 

The smaller the screen size and larger the distance means you need to enlarge the text and graphics to fill the screen. It will make the fonts and graphics look smaller, thus lowering the quality of images. Screen resolution, display setting, and eyesight are directly proportional.

What is the ideal distance to sit from your monitor?

According to research, the ideal distance to sit from your monitor is 2 feet to 4 feet for most adults. For children, the perfect distance is 2 feet to 20 inches. Anything from 2 feet to 6 feet will cause eye strain and should be avoided. 

For optimum vision, an adult should look straight ahead and see with both eyes without moving the head and straining the eyes. Some people even get a new monitor simply because their existing monitor is not the proper distance.

Problems of sitting close to the monitor

Sitting too close to the monitor causes three main problems. The first is purely cosmetic; you start seeing your forehead. It can be distracting and reduce your productivity. 

The second problem is that you will get tired more quickly. According to a Harvard study, a 10% increase in eye fatigue leads to a 15% decrease in productivity. 

The third and most serious problem is putting extra strain on your neck and other body parts because you need to crane your neck too much. 


We hope you enjoyed our article about how far to sit from your monitor. When you are sitting in front of your computer, the ideal distance from the monitor is about an arm’s length away. It will help you keep your head in a comfortable position to prevent neck or back pain. If you are working on a laptop, set it up so that the top of the screen is just below eye level.


How far should your eyes be from the monitor?

If you are talking about a computer monitor, your eyes should be at the same distance from the screen as the screen is from your keyboard. In a perfect world, your eyes should be 1.5 times the distance from the screen. If you are looking at a computer screen, 1.5 times further than your monitor is the ideal distance.

How far should you sit from the 27-inch monitor? 

A 27-inch monitor should be used by people with large feet – such as 8-inch feet. You can use your screen resolution to approximate the distance and multiply it with your screen size. For example, a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 multiplied by 27 = 432 inches, or approximately 122 feet. That is why you shouldn’t keep your 27-inch monitor closer than 122 feet, or you are going to strain your eyes.

How far should I sit from my 24 inch monitor?

The average distance your eyes should be from a monitor is 20-26 inches; that is why the monitors are made to this standard. One main issue with people not following this standard is that their eyes strain the screen. People who sit too close to the screen are more prone to headaches and problems with eyesight.

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