How to charge beats headphones without charger

Beats headphones are the most popular headphones in the world. The Beats headphones are famous for their sound quality, ear-bud fit, and wire management. 

Charging beats headphones without a charger is an easy task. However, it can be done using a different way. It is not difficult to charge Beats headphones without a charger. You have to charge your Beats headphones using a power bank. This power bank can be charged using your laptop or a different mobile charger. This blog will discuss methods to charge Beats headphones without a charger.

How to charge beats headphones without a charger

You can charge beats headphones without a charger in a few ways. First, you have to check if your Beats headphones use a USB cable to charge. If yes, then you can charge your Beats headphones using your computer. 

Plug the USB cable in your computer’s USB port and connect the other end to your Beats headphones. If you want to charge your Beats wireless headphones, you can only charge them using a power adapter.

 If those don’t work, you might need to replace the battery. To do that, you need to turn the headphones on and then use a small screwdriver to open the back cover. Once the cover is removed, you should find a loose or soldered battery on the circuit board. Once that’s free, then you can replace it with a brand new battery. You can find replacement batteries at local electronics stores.

How to charge beats headphones on Bluetooth

You can use your wireless Beats headphones with Bluetooth. To connect your Beats headphones to Bluetooth, you will need to press the power button to turn on the headset. 

The power button is located on the side of the headset, next to the volume up and down buttons. After turning on your headset, you will see the word “power” on the left side of the Bluetooth indicator light.

How to charge beats headphone with Lighting Cable

It’s easy to charge beats headphones with a lightning cable. You can connect it with your smartphone or an iPhone. Beats headphones have a lightning port, and beats cable has a lightning connector. So it’s easy to connect them. Another way is to use a power adapter or USB cable. 

If you have a USB cable, you can connect it with your USB port, and if your device has a USB port, you can use a USB port to charge your beats headphones. You can also use a power adapter. Some beats headphones have a smart port. So you can charge it with an intelligent port. If your beats headphones have a 3.5 mm port, you can use an AUX cable to connect them with a power adapter or your computer. So you can charge it in more ways.


There are many methods of charging Beats headphones without a charger, and these methods are as follows. First, you can use a computer or laptop to charge your beats headphones. Then, all you need is to connect your beats headphones with the computer or laptop with the help of a USB cable. After that, you can read further details about the different methods of charging beats headphones without a charger.


Can Beats be charged wirelessly?

Yes, you can charge the Beats using a wireless charger. There are quite a few wireless charging mats out there that can power up your Beats. Some are for glass desks or the car. Even a wireless charging cover available for the Beats Wireless can be used instead of the original cover.

What type of charger do Beats use?

Beats use different types of chargers. They are sold with the standard charger and also with a USB charger. We have the USB charger, so I don’t know about the other one. I don’t know if there are any different kinds of Beats chargers as I’ve never really looked for them.

Do Beats come with a charger?

Yes! The Beats Solo and Beats Studio come with a charging cable and a wall plug. BeatsX and Powerbeats3 earphones come with a charging case that holds multiple total charges, and this case can be charged either with a USB cable or the provided wall plug. 

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