How to clean headphones muffs – Ultimate Guide

Cleaning out the muffs of your headphones might seem like a simple task, but cleaning the muffs of your headphones can have a significant impact on the life of the headphones themselves.

Headphones with these muffs can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a tiny bit of soap. In this blog post, you will learn how to clean your headphones muffs.

How to clean headphones muffs?

Here are the steps to cleaning out your headphones muffs.

  • Soak up any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth. Be sure to remove as much water as you can from the ear cups to avoid damage.
  • Use cotton swabs or cotton balls and gently wipe around the surface of the ear cups. Never use sharp edges, like tweezers, to clean the headphones muffs.
  • Clean any grooves or indentations with cotton swabs. Use a toothpick if you need to get around the speakers.
  • Rinse your cloth and use it damp now to wipe down the entire surface of both ear cups. Do not soak them in water.
  • Let the headphones air dry completely before using them again. You may want to use a hairdryer on a low setting to help speed up the process.

What Do You Do if Your Headphones Muffs are Stained?

If your headphones muffs are stained or dirty, you can clean them by rubbing alcohol over a cotton swab to rub out the stain. You can also use a little bit of Windex and a cotton swab, in the same way, to make your headphones clean.

Cleaning headphone muffs are an essential part of extending the life of your headphones by preventing any gross buildup from occurring on the speakers or audio jacks. Follow these steps, and you will be sure to have clean, working headphones for a long time!

Why do we need to clean our headphones muffs?

Although often ignored, the muffs on our headphones can be a place for a lot of dirt and bacteria to build up. If this dirt and bacteria are not cleaned regularly, it can cause the sound quality of our headphones to diminish and even affect the overall life of the headphones themselves.

By cleaning out your headphones muffs regularly, you can help to keep your headphones in good condition and prolong their life.

Tools that you’ll need to clean your headphones muffs:

  1. Soaked up any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth
  2. Cotton swabs or cotton balls
  3. Rubbing alcohol (optional)
  4. Windex (optional)
  5. Toothpick (optional)
  6. Hair Dryer on low setting (optional)


Cleaning headphones muffs can be tricky, but it is worth it to keep them in good condition and function properly. By following the tips above, you can clean your headphones muffs quickly and easily, and they will look and sound like new in no time.


How do you clean headphone earmuffs?

The best way to clean headphone earmuffs is to remove the ear pads and then use mild soap and water. You can also use a window cleaner or a disinfectant. Be sure to rinse the pads well and air dry before replacing them. If the ear pads are dirty or stained, you can purchase replacements online or at a speciality store.

Can you clean the inside of the headphones?

It is not recommended to clean the inside of headphones, as this can damage them. If they get dirty on the outside, you can clean them using the tips above.

I have a pair of earmuffs that I use with my headphones. Can I clean those too?

Yes, you can clean ear muffs that are used with headphones. By following the same tips as above, you can clean these without any problems.

Can you clean headphones with alcohol?

It is not recommended to clean headphones with alcohol. You can use a mixture of mild soap and water instead, as this is safer for the earmuffs and will be more effective at cleaning them too.

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