How to fix axent wear headphones

Axent wears headphones are some of the best Bluetooth headphones on the market and serve as an excellent alternative to Bose or Beats by Dre. However, axent wearing headphones can experience technical issues over time like any other technological device. 

Fortunately, most problems can be easily solved with little to no money required. Check out this guide on fixing axent wear headphones and getting your device working like new again in no time.

What are AXENT Wear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

AXENT Wear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are built with a patented no-slip grip that prevents your headset from moving out of place, even when exercising. With an IPX5 rating and eight hours of music playback, AXENT Wear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are designed for people who work hard and play hard.

How Do They Work?

When they were first released, many people were skeptical of how wireless headsets could produce sound without a cord. However, they’re quite simple; audio is produced by a driver that converts electricity into sound using magnetic fields. 

Over time, these drivers can become worn and lose their ability to convert electricity into sound. The good news is that most headset manufacturers make repair kits for these parts (if you lose one or it stops working). Here’s how to put them together.

Bluetooth Headsets vs In-Ear & On-Ear Models

Axent Wear offers three kinds of wireless sports earbuds: Bluetooth, in-ear, and on-ear. Each product line offers a unique listening experience when it comes to sound quality. The difference between each model boils down to size. As with any purchase, it’s essential for you as a customer to find something that fits your lifestyle best—in both price and utility.

How To Fix Broken AXENT Wear Headphones

If you have some old earbuds and want to keep them from falling apart, it’s easy enough. All you need is a few household items and a little patience. 

The key is glue; superglue, in particular, works best. You’ll also need rubbing alcohol, tweezers, and acetone (also known as nail polish remover). Acetone removes any oils that may interfere with superglue adhesion.


Axent Wear is a company that makes headphones and hearing protection. The process of fixing them depends on what is wrong with them. If they aren’t working, or there is a defect in any part of it, you will have to exchange them for new ones. It might seem easy, but sometimes you can get stuck in an endless loop with customer service and never receive your product back.


How to fix earphones one side is silent

How often have you been listening to music, and then one side stops working? It’s annoying and can even be dangerous if you’re driving. Your first instinct is likely to run out and buy a new pair of earphones; however, you can save some money by fixing your old ones. Try these techniques.

Why do my earphones have no sound on one side?

The most common cause of one-sided sound is a problem with your earphone jack. A headphone jack contains three wires (left, right and ground), but it’s made so that you only need two to listen—you can short circuit it by covering both left and correct wires with your finger. If you hear sound on both sides when you do that, then move on down to Step 3. If not, skip down to Step 4.

How can we repair earphones?

Since earphones contact moisture, sweat, and dust, they are bound to deteriorate. Replacing them may cost too much. Why not try repairing them instead? Here are some simple steps you can take to repair broken earphones. It’s cheap and easy. First, identify which part of your earphone is damaged. Is it only one of its parts, or is it completely broken? Once you know what’s wrong with your headphone, look for a replacement part online.

How do you reset earbuds?

Headphones should come with a pin or a small tool that you can use to remove a plate and reset your earbuds. If your headphones don’t have one, try inserting a paperclip into each earbud jack. Then plug it back in and see if it works. You might also be able to reset your earbuds by turning them off, holding down their buttons for 10 seconds, and then turning them back on again.

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