How to hang speakers on wall – Ultimate Guide

Do you want to hang your speakers on your wall, but you are confused with how to go about it? You have come to the right place; we will discuss the different ways to hang your speakers, so you can have a unique and stylish way to display your speakers. 

It is possible to hang speakers on a wall if you know how correctly. The first step is to ensure the speakers are not too heavy. If they are, you need to find a wall that is not too thin. To mount the speakers on a wall, you need to find a stud. It will make the process much easier.

Why do you need to hang your speakers?

The best place to put your speakers is on a wall. The best reason to do this is that the actual driver of the speaker is not moving so fast back and forth, so you don’t get that sonic distortion that can irritate your ears and even damage them over time. 

The only time you’d have an issue with a speaker being on a wall or ceiling is if there was a super strong bass hit in the music, then the Wall or ceiling might distort slightly from the vibration.

What are the best materials to use?

There are three general categories of wall mounts: tie-downs, brackets, and spikes. The cheapest material to use is tie-downs. They are small and easy to use, but they are not as secure as brackets and spikes. 

Typically, these are designed to be hung on drywall, but turning them on a concrete wall is possible. They can be easily bent, so you have to be extremely careful when using heavier speakers. 

For the sake of your speakers, we recommend that you avoid using tie-downs if possible. However, if you’re not too worried about damaging your speakers, these are the cheapest way to go.

How to hang the speaker on the Wall

There are many ways to hang speakers on the Wall. You can use screws or nails to nail the speaker to the Wall. If you intend to hang your speakers on the Wall, you can also use a mounting bracket or mount it to the wall with screws through the holes in the back of the speaker. Below are the steps for hanging speaker on the wall.

  • Find the studs in the Wall.
  • Measure the distance between your studs and divide it by 2.
  • Mark that amount on the back of your speaker.
  • Measure away from the wall and mark 1″ from the line. Step 5. Mark 2″ from the line.
  • Measure between the two marks.
  • Place your speaker on the line and hook it on the nails.
  • Hang the speaker with picture wire or any strong wire.
  • Hang the wire on nails.

If you don’t find the studs in the Wall and don’t have access to the wiring behind the Wall, use a wall anchor as washers and drywall anchors if you have access to the back of the Wall.

Should I mount heavy speakers on Wall?

Heavy speakers usually are not recommended for placing on a tabletop. Heavy speakers are designed to be placed on the floor. If you mount heavy speakers on the Wall, your use of the space below will increase.

Also, you can save floor space for other purposes like a dance floor, seating area, or something else. The wall mounting option will make your house look more appealing and unique.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to hang speakers on the Wall. The best way to hang the speakers on the Wall is to create a wall mount for the speaker. 


Is it bad to wall mount speakers?

No, it’s not wrong to wall mount speakers. It all depends on the speaker that you are wall mounting. Wall mounting is necessary only when the speakers are too big to fit on the shelf by the TV. If possible, try to buy smaller speakers to save room.

How do you stick small speakers to the Wall?

Use three-sided tape for this purpose. Apply a liberal amount of the tape to the speaker’s back and press it firmly to the Wall. If the volume of your music is too high, it can damage your ears. Always use a volume controller and enjoy your music with safety!

Can you mount speakers on drywall?

If you are looking for a more elaborate and permanent setup, you can drywall mount the speaker to the Wall. You may want to get a criss crossed pattern to add more stability and strength when attaching them directly to the drywall. 

You will enjoy the speakers being held in place tightly to avoid vibration or shaking. To add extra stability, you may want to mount them off the Wall in a frame or frameless canvas. Getting a frame or frameless canvas to mount them in will hold the speakers in place and make them easier to install.

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