How to hook up computer speakers to a tv

If you have an older TV that doesn’t have built-in speakers and only has a single audio output jack, you can connect your computer to your TV with an audio cable to get sound from both the computer and the TV. 

Hooking up computer speakers to a TV is simple and inexpensive, but it does require some gear that you may not already have. Even if you already have an old set of speakers lying around collecting dust, you can use them with your TV by following these steps to hook up computer speakers.

Connect via an Audio Out Cable

Connecting your computer speakers to your television via an audio out cable is a simple process that anyone can perform, provided they have all their materials readily available. Although there are many other connecting speakers to a television, such as Bluetooth and infrared, these connections require special equipment. 

Using an audio out cable will connect your speakers to your television with just one piece of equipment—your computer’s audio output jack.

Connect Wirelessly

If you’re setting up wireless computer speakers, don’t forget to connect them wirelessly. While many sets of computer speakers will have cables that connect directly to your computer, it may be more convenient and easier on your ears if you use a wireless connection. Depending on what kind of speakers and television you own, it is often accomplished with an audio extender or audio adapter.

Connect Via Bluetooth

If you have Bluetooth-enabled computer speakers, like Logitech’s popular Z523 model, it is easy to set them up with your TV. Just make sure both devices are in close proximity and that your speakers are turned on. Then select Connect Bluetooth Device from your speaker’s menu and follow the instructions. 

It should only take a few minutes; once connected, you can use your computer speakers for everything from watching movies to listening to music.

What Is Optical Audio Out?

To connect computer speakers to a television, you’ll need an audio-out. On Macs, that port is known as optical audio out. Optical connections are typically straightforward and are indicated by an optical icon or words digital audio out or optical digital out. You’ll need an HDMI cable to connect your speakers via optical output.

Hooking up speakers to your computer doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do it in several ways, including via digital cables like HDMI or analogue connectors like RCA and TOSLINK. But what is the difference between all these cables? And which one should you use? Let’s break it down. 

So, what is an HDMI cable? The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable was developed as an all-digital alternative to older audio/video standards such as S-Video, Composite Video and Component Video.

Play To From Windows Media Player (Windows)

Open Windows Media Player on your computer and press pause before connecting your speakers. It will ensure that there won’t be any sound distortion when you plugin. Then, connect your computer speakers to your television or stereo system. Go back into Windows Media Player and hit play to listen to all of your audio through those new speakers!

Play To From VLC Media Player (Mac)

First, open VLC Media Player and click on the Media tab. Next, click on Open Capture Device and select your television from your options (if you have multiple televisions connected to your computer, they will all be displayed). Click OK when you are done making your selection. Click on View then Playlist, and finally right-click on an empty area of your playlist box.


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Can I plug computer speakers into the TV?

You can connect computer speakers to your television, but it all depends on your speakers. Like computers, monitors and televisions come in different sizes and computer speakers. The three most common computer speaker connectors are 3.5mm jacks (often called 1/8), RCA and digital optical.

How do I connect computer speakers to my TV with sound?

There are two ways to hook up computer speakers to your television. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so use your discretion when deciding which method works best for you. One way is by using RCA cables. The other is by using a digital optical cable. One is analogue, while one is digital; depending on what you’re looking for, one may be better than another in terms of sound quality or ease of installation.

How do I get sound from my computer to my TV without HDMI?

The easiest solution is using an optical cable (also known as a Toslink cable). You’ll need to connect from your computer’s audio output port (found on your computer tower) to a matching input port on your television. The connection can be hardwired, meaning that you need two cables (one for each end), or wireless, meaning you can have one long wire with a plug at either end.

How can I get my TV to play through my speakers?

If you have speakers connected to your TV but don’t hear anything when you turn on your television or video device, it could be a few things. You might need to make some changes in your audio settings or reconfigure all of your components.

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