How to hook up phone to projector

Hooking up your phone to a projector can be tricky if you haven’t done it before, but don’t worry; the key to success is following the proper process to hook up your phone to the projector screen. Here are six easy steps to help you hook up your phone to the projector.

Step 1: Basics

The first thing you need is before you can connect, you’ll need a working smart device with HDMI capabilities and an HDMI-to-micro-HDMI cable. Without these things, you won’t be able to make a connection from phone to projector. 

Some older projectors don’t have HDMI ports, so you may need some additional cables and connectors (typically VGA) or an adapter for older projectors (and TVs). You might already have these things lying around; check if they work before running out and purchasing new parts.

Step 2: Setting up the cables

Ideally, it would help if you had a VGA cable with male ends on both sides. (This is typically used to connect computers and laptops to projectors.) You can buy one at any electronics store or computer parts retailer. If you don’t have one already, Amazon has them. It has VGA connectors at both ends—not DVI or HDMI connectors (those are different cables/connectors).

Step 3: What happens when we plugin?

We’re almost ready to begin using our smartphones as computer monitors. For it to work correctly, you need another cable: An HDMI-to-micro USB adapter. This tiny cable can be found at most big-box retailers (for less than $5) and will also plug into our phone’s charging port. Now that you have everything connected, it’s time to power on!

Step 4: Hold my beer. Phone, Paired.

1. Bring an HDMI cable and connect your smartphone to a TV, then switch on both devices. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into your smartphone’s Lightning or Micro-USB port, then plug its other end into a TV’s MHL or Micro-HDMI port. To find one of these ports on a TV, look at its rear panel—it should be located near other video input ports like VGA or RCA.

Step 5: Linking it all together

Getting your phone onto your screen can be as simple as connecting your cable to an HDMI port. While many projectors come with HDMI ports, it’s possible that yours doesn’t. In that case, you can still easily connect. Plug into a DVI port, instead. Both devices will be able to play high-definition video from a digital source—so you’ll get clear, accurate images on whatever screen you choose.

Step 6 (the final step): Connecting it all to the TV or laptop

This is where you’ll connect all of your cables. You can start with either end, but we recommend starting with connecting your HDMI or VGA cable from your laptop (or desktop) to one of the input ports on your projector. Next, connect one end of an audio cable (from an RCA male connector) into one of those same ports and plug it into whatever device you’re using for sound.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to connect your phone to your projector. This information is a great asset to have when setting up your new projector or already having a projector in your home. Whether you’re waking up for work in the morning and need your work to be done before you or want to watch a movie in a more oversized format, above are some helpful tips on hooking up your phone to a projector. 


Can I connect my phone to the projector with a USB?

You can connect your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet with an HDMI cable, but it will only send video to your TV. It won’t let you display anything else (like PowerPoint slides or photos) from that device on-screen. You’ll need an adapter for that.

Why won’t my phone hook up to my projector?

It could be that you have an older projector that requires an RCA connection. If you’re not sure what kind of port is on your projector, look at it. There are three kinds of ports: HDMI, VGA and RCA. If you have an older device with an RCA port, make sure you have an adapter that connects your phone’s 30-pin or 8-pin dock connector to RCA jacks.

Can a smartphone be connected to a projector?

Smartphones today are way more than simple phones; they’re mini-computers with audio, video, and more capabilities. Many smartphones come equipped with an HDMI port, meaning you can use them to stream content from your device onto a larger screen. If you want to watch videos on your TV but don’t have an Apple TV or Chromecast, connecting your smartphone to a projector can be just what you need.

Can I play Netflix on my projector?

In most cases, you can use your phone as a presentation tool by connecting it to an external display. There are several ways of doing so, but they all have in common that they make use of an HDMI cable. 

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