How to hook up speaker to monitor – Ultimate Guide

Easily hooking up speakers to monitors is not always easy. You may need to buy some adapters, or you might need to purchase a new set of speakers. However, these days, many monitors will come with built-in speakers. 

Most speakers will work with a monitor even if your monitor doesn’t. You won’t have to purchase extra equipment to hook your speakers to your monitor. This article will teach you the basics of hooking up speakers to your monitor and the different types of adapters available.

What are the different types of adapters?

Different adapters are available for connecting different types of speakers to a monitor. These adapters will determine the type of connections that are used. The most common adapter is the speaker-to-monitors audio adapter. 

This adapter will allow you to connect speakers to your monitors. The monitor-to-speaker adapter is also a common type of adapter. This adapter will allow you to connect your monitor to speakers. Another type of adapter is the monitor-to-speaker adapter. This adapter will allow you to connect your monitor to speakers.

How to hook your speakers up to your monitor

You need to use a speaker wire to hook your speakers to your monitor. It would help if you used a long enough wire to reach both your speakers and monitor. The wire should be long enough to allow you to connect it to the back of your monitor. You will also need a 3.5mm stereo input connector.

The connector will enable you to hook your speakers into your monitor. The last thing you will need is a power adapter. A power adapter is used to power the speakers and connect them to the monitor.


One of the most common questions people ask when getting a new monitor is how to hook up speakers to monitors. It is a simple process that can be done with some basic knowledge about the way monitors and speakers work. First, you will need to locate the speakers on your monitor.

The speakers might be on the back of the monitor, on the sides, on top, or the bottom. You will need to connect the speakers to the monitor when you find the speakers. It can be done by using a headphone jack, auxiliary input, or by connecting the speakers to a headphone jack on the monitor.


Do monitors have audio out?

A monitor does not have an audio out.

What is the audio line out on the monitor?

The audio line out lets you connect your monitor to a sound system. This is helpful if you want to hear the sound from your game or a game you’re recording.

Is a headphone jack the same as a line out?

There is a difference between a headphone jack and a line out. A headphone jack is a pass-through that sends audio to a headphone but does not allow audio to be sent to a speaker. The line out is a port that sends audio to a speaker.

How to connect speakers to a monitor with no audio output?

One way to connect speakers to a monitor with no audio output is to use a USB to HDMI cable. This cable is usually used to connect a laptop to a monitor.

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