How to increase bass of speaker – Useful Tips

Having a great speaker is essential, but there is a possibility that you might be having a hard time hearing the Bass. If you cannot hear the Bass, it means that it is too low. So, if you want your audio system to be more powerful and want to listen to many Bass, you need to learn how to increase the Bass of your speaker

How to increase the Bass of the speaker

You can increase your speaker’s bass level by changing some of your speaker settings. You can do this through the device’s settings menu, or if your speaker has a Bass Boost or a bass remote, then you can adjust the settings through these devices. The speaker needs to be connected to the music source via wire cables or via Bluetooth.

When you increase the Bass of your speaker, the chances are that it might sound distorted. If you try to increase the Bass of both your left and right speakers, it will cause the sound to travel to both speakers simultaneously, and the sound will become equal. 

To maintain the Bass on your right speaker, turn on the equalizer and increase the Bass. Increase the Bass on your left speaker, then increase the Bass on your right speaker. Do it slowly, and it will maintain the sound balance between both speakers.

How to increase the Bass of the speaker on a Windows PC?

If you have a good pair of speakers on your PC but they lack bass, you may want to consider adjusting some things on your PC. 

First, open the control panel when you are on the desktop to increase Bass. Then, open the equalizer application inside the sound portion of the control panel. 

Now, you need to adjust the Bass. By default, the Bass is set to flat, so you want to select one of the provided preset options. You can then change the Bass to your liking. Now, click Apply, and you should have more Bass to your speaker.

Note: Remember to save your changes.

How to Increase the Bass of the Speaker on Android?

There is a beneficial application on Android phones to increase Bass, but it isn’t easy to find. Here are some simple steps to improve Bass on android phones.

  • When playing any song, press on the speaker icon; it’s a speaker with Bluetooth written on it. 
  • Right-click on the song you are playing and then click on view details. 
  • Go to options and then click on effects.
  • You will see Bass boost; click on it. 
  • You will get a slider, slide it to the right, and you will get more Bass in your songs, though it will make them sound a little louder, not that bad.

Best ways to increase the Bass of the speaker.

The best way to increase the Bass of a speaker is to add a subwoofer. Adding a subwoofer will increase the speaker’s frequency range so you can enjoy a broader range of sound. You can also add bass shakers to current speakers. Bass shakers are speakers placed under the seats or recliners of your home theatre. 

Bass shakers are connected to your receiver and produce low subwoofer vibrations to enhance the sound effects in movies and music. Adding bass shakers will only strengthen the current speakers in your home. Your present speakers cannot produce Bass. You cannot just add a woofer and change the sound of your speakers. Adding a woofer will not add Bass to your speakers.


Increasing the base of the speaker is a very simple method. The Bass of the speakers is boosted by using bass boosters and equalizers. Equalizers are the tools that are used to increase the Bass. They are not electronic devices. They are software. Equalizers help increase the Bass of the speaker by manipulating the frequency of the sounds. They increase the Bass by lowering the other frequency of the sound.


How to increase Bass in headphones?

To increase Bass in headphones, you can use an Equalizer or Bass boosting app or software. If you are using earphones from any company like Sony, Philips, etc., you can download Equalizer from Playstore to increase Bass.

How to increase Bass in a Bluetooth speaker?

Use the volume button on your phone or computer. If you don’t have a physical volume control on your speaker, try going to the Bluetooth settings on your phone or computer. You should be able to turn the volume down there. Instead of using your device’s volume button, try going to the Bluetooth settings on your device. You should be able to turn the volume down there.

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