How to install car speakers – Ultimate Guide

If you want to upgrade your car’s sound system, you need to get new speakers. Installing new car speakers is not an easy task. You need to select a model that is compatible with your car.

You also need to install them in the right way. This blog will take you through the various steps that you need to follow to get the right fit for your car.

How to install car speakers

Step 1: Identify the speaker size of your car

Most vehicles’ speakers are either 6 or 5 ½ inches. You can check this using a measuring tape and checking the innermost part of the dashboard, on both driver and passenger side doors, and under each stock speaker location. Measure from front to back of these three places.

Most likely, you will find either 5 ½ or 6 inches. Both sizes are interchangeable to use the same speaker for both locations.

Step 2: Identify speakers that are compatible with your car

Now that you know the size of your car’s speakers, it is time to check out various models online. There are hundreds of different models to choose from. Make sure that you find a model compatible with your car’s make and year.

Step 3: Remove the old Speakers

Before installing the new ones, you need to remove the old ones. It is not as easy as it sounds. You will likely need a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws holding your old speakers. You will find them in the dashboard, on both driver’s and passenger’s side doors, under the speaker location, or even behind the radio.

Step 4: Attach new speakers to the speaker Bar

Once you have removed the old ones, it is time to attach the new speakers to the speaker bars. There are usually two ways that you can do this. You can either use the screws that come with the new speakers or use the existing screws from the old ones. If you use the old screws, make sure that they are long enough to reach the new speaker.

Step 5: Install new speakers

Now it is time to install the new speakers. You should place them in their designated location and screw them into place. Make sure that they are not loose; otherwise, they will rattle when playing music at a high volume.

Step 6: Test the speakers

Before you can put everything back together, it is a good idea to test your new speakers. Turn on the radio and play a song that you know has a lot of different noises and instruments. The new speakers should be playing all the sounds equally and loudly. If they are not, tighten or loosen them accordingly until they do.

Step 7: Replace any panels or wiring.

If there is any plastic trimming around your radio, make sure to replace it. If there is wiring, make sure to tuck it back in the same place. You can replace any panels you removed with screws or glue if needed. Ensure that everything is secured tightly before replacing anything else on your dashboard.

Step 8: Enjoy your new speakers.

Once everything is put back together, turn your radio on and enjoy your new car speakers! They should now be providing you with much better sound quality. If not, then take it back to the store and get a refund.

Equipment Needed To Re-Install Car Speakers

  • Phillips head screwdriver 
  • Flathead screwdriver 
  • Wirecutter/stripper 
  • Electrical tape 
  • Drill with a 1/8th inch bit 
  • Jigsaw 
  • Hammer 
  • Chisel or Utility Knife 


Installing new car speakers can be a daunting task, but following these steps will make it easier. Make sure to select the right size and speaker model that is compatible with your car. Remove the old speakers using a screwdriver or drill.

Attach the new speakers to the speaker bar and install them in their designated location. Test the speakers to make sure they are working correctly. Replace any panels or wiring that were removed. Enjoy your new car speakers!


How much does it cost to install speakers in a car?

It can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 to have professionals install car speakers. 

Can I install new car speakers myself?

Yes, you can install new car speakers yourself, but it may not be easy if you are not familiar with how to do it. You will likely need some essential tools and equipment, such as a Phillips head screwdriver, drill, and wiring. 

How do you hook up car speaker wires?

You should attach the positive and negative wires to your speaker. It would help if you did this according to the instructions on the inside of the box from where you bought your new speakers. Once they are connected, you can attach them to a power source. 

What size car speakers do a Civic take?

A Honda Civic takes 6-1/2 inch car speakers. 

Can I use my old car speakers in a new car?

If your new car has a different wiring system, you likely will not be able to use your old car speakers. However, if the new and old cars have the same wiring system, you can use your old car speakers in the new car.

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