How to make a projector touch screen

Touch screen projectors are getting increasingly popular in business settings for several reasons. They are often cheaper than a traditional laptop and more significant than your average smartphone screen. 

Another reason is that they can ‘link’ to multiple screens, making them ideal for meetings, conferences, and seminars. That’s why knowing how to make a projector touch screen can be a great idea.

This blog will help you with how to make a projector touch screen using your mobile and a projector. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to do it.

What is a Projector Touch Screen?

The projector touch screen is a touch screen (which means any touch will respond) projected from a projector. The screen is a projected image, which a user touches, and an optical touch panel picks up the touch underneath the projected image.

A projector touch screen is a device used to convert a standard screen into a touch screen. It consists of a projector and a touch screen, which convert a standard projector screen into a touch screen. The touch screen portion is usually made up of one or more layers. A projector touch screen is widely used in retail businesses, offices, and educational institutions.

How to make a projector touch screen

You can make a touch screen projector with the help of a webcam or a tablet computer. First of all, you will need a projector. You can attach your webcam to it. Alternatively, get a tablet computer and attach it to a projector. Then, you need to install software that can recognize touch screen gestures. Now, you can interact with the screen with your finger just like you would with a regular touch screen. 

Do you know that you can make a projector touch screen very quickly and at a meager cost? The following are the steps to follow: 

  1. Get a good Projector. 
  2. Connect the projector to a desktop computer or laptop with the HDMI cable. 
  3. Put your finger on a wall behind the projector and move it around. 
  4. The image on the screen will move accordingly. 
  5. The Projector screen will touch just like a mobile phone or tablet. 
  6. It is how you can make a projector touch screen.

Benefits of Touch Screen Projector

  • The touch screen display is a touchscreen-enabled device capable of detecting your finger movement(s) and responding to it. 
  • The touch screen display is connected to a computer or device with a power supply that projects the display output on a screen. 
  • The touch screen display is used in various gadgets to provide a better visual and interactive experience. For example, in smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks, in the installation of ATMs, in digital clocks, video games, digital photo frames, GPS receivers, digital TVs and many other devices. 
  • One can operate the touch screen display by directly touching the display with his fingers or using a stylus pen. 
  • These touch screen displays are very interactive and can be directly used by the user to control the gadget. The display is touchable and flexible and even features a self-cleaning property.


A projector that can be used as a touchscreen is an excellent tool for teachers and businesses alike. Teaching kids about technology can be difficult, but with a projector with a touchscreen, you can teach them how to control a computer through a tablet. Teachers and businesses alike can use this kind of technology, which is also versatile. If a user wants to use it as a touchscreen, they can. If they want to project an image on the screen, they can.


How do you turn a projector into a touch screen?

If you have a large projector, the best way to turn it into a touch screen is to get a projector that has a built-in touch screen. These are not very common, but they are increasingly becoming a feature of many projectors. At the moment, Epson makes a projector with a built-in touch screen that can be used with any external computer or laptop. 

Can I make my projector interactive?

Yes, you can make your projector interactive. Use a projector that has Wi-Fi or a LAN option. It will let you connect your projector to computers and laptops wirelessly so that you can interact with the content on the screen.

Can any screen be a touch screen?

Yes, any screen can be a touch screen. You can make your laptop, desktop, or even a tablet touch screen. Technically all the screens are touch-sensitive. There are different ways you can turn any screen into a touch screen. One way is you can use a touch screen overlay. You can buy an overlay from a website that sells these. You put them over your screen, and they work exactly like the touch screen on your iPhone or tablet.

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