How to make a speaker louder without an amp

A portable amp is one of the most popular use cases for portable speakers. When you go to a music festival, you can take your portable speaker and put it in your backpack. Then, when you get to the venue and want to blast your favourite song, you connect your speaker to the power source, and you’re good to go. 

But, if you want to make your speaker louder, you’ll need to buy an amp. It is where the problem starts. Portable speakers are small and are often expensive, so you might not want to spend the money on an amp. It is where this article comes in. I will show you how you can make your speaker louder without buying an amp.

How to make your speaker louder

If you want to make your speaker louder, you can try using an amplifier. However, this will only work for speakers powered by an amplifier. An amplifier is a device plugged into a speaker, allowing it to be heard from farther away. 

If you don’t have an amplifier, you can place your speaker closer to the listener and use a speaker with a bigger cone. It will make the speaker louder without an amplifier. You can also try putting your speaker on a stand. It will allow the speaker to breathe on its own and let the sound resonate better.

What tools do you need?

You’ll need to buy some tools if you want your speaker to sound louder without an amplifier. There are a few different tools that you’ll need to achieve this. One tool is a speaker stand. It is a stand that attaches to the speaker and allows it to be adjusted to the desired height. 

Another tool is a microphone. A microphone will enable you to boost the volume of your voice so that you can speak louder with your speaker. The third tool you’ll need is an audio splitter. This tool connects two audio devices so that the sound from one speaker is played through the second speaker. Some speakers come with their audio splitter.

How to do it

If you want to make a speaker louder, you can change the volume on your computer, but this is not always the best option. You need to do a few different tasks to make a speaker louder without an amp. 

  • The first is to increase the volume of your speaker, but this will not make the speaker louder. 
  • The next step is to plug the speaker into the computer. 
  • The final step is to increase the volume on your computer. You can set the speaker to a higher volume if you have a speaker with volume control. You’ll need to use a third-party program if you have a computer not equipped with volume control.


There are many ways to make a speaker louder without an amp. You can turn the volume up on your device, increase the volume on your speakers, or even use a device like a phone charger or a laptop charger to increase the volume on your speakers.


How can I amplify my speakers without an amp?

You can amplify speakers without an amp by placing them on a foam pad. How it works: The foam pad makes the speaker’s surface vibrate more freely (instead of going directly into the floor) and creates a better sound. It’s a simple hack for amplifying speakers without an amp.

How can I make my Bluetooth speaker louder without an amp?

Bluetooth speakers are designed to give out their loudest sound not with an amp but when placed far away from the sound source. If you wish to use an amp, use a tiny one. If you want to boost the sound of your Bluetooth speaker, set it as near to the source of the sound as possible.

What can I use instead of an amp?

There are some situations where you might not be able to use an amplifier. Maybe you have a small hole in your home, or your apartment is in a tranquil neighbourhood, where there isn’t a place to plug in your amp. 

How do you amplify sound?

A sound is a form of energy that propagates as vibrations through a medium such as air, water and other materials. To amplify sound, one must increase either the rate at which the vibrations occur or the amplitude of the oscillations. The former method relies on some form of mechanical energy, whereas the latter relies solely on the physics of sound.

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