How to make headphones fit small head

Headphones are great for listening to music, but if they don’t fit you, they will not sound good and won’t fit comfortably on your head. 

Headphones that do not fit will make the music sound bad and cause the earbuds to fall out of your ears, making you have to readjust them several times during the listening session, which can be very annoying. So make sure when choosing headphones that they fit your small head.

The anatomy of the human ear

The anatomical structure of the human ear is complex. It has three parts: outer, middle and inner (fossae). The external ear or pinna serves to collect sound waves and direct them into the auditory canal. This canal transmits sounds into a hollow part of our temporal bone called the tympanic cavity. 

Here, vibrations are transmitted through ossicles (3 tiny bones) to the cochlea. The cochlea contains fluid that moves in response to vibrations; these movements are sent through auditory nerve fibers to the brain, where they are perceived as sound.

The anatomy of your headphone

Headphones are a great option for listening to music and watching movies. The ability to easily control your audio experience on the go is beneficial if you’re on public transportation or commuting between work and home.

However, finding a pair of headphones that works well and fits comfortably can be tricky since everyone has different ear shapes. Consider these factors when shopping for a new pair of headphones.

Tips for buying headphones

It’s estimated that over 100 million people wear headphones regularly for activities. That means there are a lot of opportunities for headphone manufacturers to innovate in a way that makes them more attractive—and comfortable—to smaller-headed people. 

Tips for wearing your new headset

Headphones are becoming an integral part of life, from commuting and traveling to school and work. As a result, it’s now common for people to experience headphone-related discomfort. 

Headphones that don’t fit properly can put unnecessary pressure on your ears and cause temporary hearing loss—not to mention they can be uncomfortable and distracting. Fortunately, it’s simple enough for anyone to find a headset that suits them. 

How to make headphones fit small head

Headphones are a great way to enjoy your music while running, working out or sitting at home, but they can be uncomfortable if you have a small head. Here is how you can get headphones that fit your head correctly. You may need to adjust these steps depending on what type of headphones you own and how they are designed. Try using over-ear headphones instead of in-ear ones. 

Over-ear models will rest on top of your ears rather than enclosing them, so there will be more space inside for them to expand without putting pressure on your ears and skull as much as in-ear models do.


If you are among those with a small head, you may want to look into buying a headset that is specifically designed for someone with a small head. However, if you are one of the few small in size and have a large head, you may want to try getting a headset that you can adjust. The headset you get should be adjustable and not too large for your head, or you won’t get any comfort from it.


What do you do if your earphones are too big?

Headphones are not one size fits all. While it’s difficult for some people to find a pair of earbuds that will stay in their ears, others have no problem finding earphones with which they can listen comfortably.

Can headphones change head shape?

Headphones have long been associated with addiction. In America, 8 million people spend over $1 billion annually on earbuds and other listening devices. But in recent years, there has been talking of a new threat, one that goes far beyond music lovers’ bank accounts—some believe headphones are reshaping our heads. 

Are my ear canals small?

It depends on what you consider small. Generally, ear canals less than 3/4 of an inch (19mm) in diameter would be considered small. However, canals of varying sizes are entirely normal; anything between 1/2′′ and 1′′ is within a normal range. 

Why do my headphones keep popping out of the jack?

First, you can try a pair of over-the-ear headphones rather than on-the-ear ones. Second, if they’re over-the-ear and still aren’t fitting properly, you can use tape to secure them. You want to put it around your ear where your headphone jack is to cover up part of your ear but not all of it. You want just enough room for the sound to come through while keeping your headphones in place.

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