How to run speaker wire under carpet

How to Run Speaker Wire Under Carpet When you install speaker wire under the carpet, the process can be difficult and frustrating because of the wire’s flat shape and tendency to cause bulging in the carpeting. This guide will show you how to run speaker wire under the carpet without causing any damage to the flooring or furniture in your home.

Tools & Materials

Fish Tape (Optional), Good Quality Audio Cable, Sharp Knife, Staple Gun with a flat or U-shaped shank, Hammer or Nail gun. Flat Head Screwdriver. 

Step 1: Plan Out Your Layout – Before beginning the installation of your speaker wire, you should first plan out where you will install the speakers. While planning, consider which direction your speakers will be facing and how they will be situated about furniture placement. 

Make sure that you have plenty of room on either side of each speaker so that it is easy for people to walk by them without tripping over any wires that are hidden beneath carpeting.

Step 2 – Locate Your Speakers

Make sure you know where your speakers are located and that they’re in a position that will allow you to reach them with enough wire. Remember that speaker placement can affect sound quality, so you might need to experiment. You may be surprised by how little wiring you’ll need if your speakers are next to each other; even 6 feet of extra wire could be too much. (Using shorter cables will result in less signal loss.)

Step 3 – Determine Length of Fish Tape Needed

There are two ways you can estimate how much tape you’ll need, based on where your speaker is and how many wires you have. If your speakers are in a single location and there’s only one wire coming out of each. You have an 8-foot pair of stands (because they look nice if they match) in your living room. 

Using that distance and adding 5 feet on either end for slack, we get 12 feet total length. You don’t want your fish tape to be shorter than 12 feet or longer than 15 or 20 feet; anything outside those ranges will cause problems with installation or damage during use.

Step 4 – Position Cable Tray

Using your tape measure, measure from hole to hole and mark a point where you want your first speaker wire to emerge from under the carpet. You might have several pairs of speakers, so you need to decide how much space in between each one will be. 

Most rooms look best with 12 inches between each team, but it’s up to you! Once you’ve measured and marked your cable tray location, find a drill bit that fits perfectly into that hole and use it to cut out a small opening in your cable tray. Make sure not to push too hard with your drill, or else you’ll tear through the metal.

Step 4 – Cutting & Fishing Wires

Cutting speaker wire can be a pain if you don’t have a good pair of wire cutters. If you do have good wire cutters, it’s still an irritating and often time-consuming job. Having to drill holes in walls or find creative ways to get wires through baseboards and door casings is even more annoying. 

Step 5 – Connecting Speakers to Receiver/Amplifier

After you’ve gotten your speaker wire underneath your carpet, plug one end of your flat wire into a port on your receiver/amplifier. Then, feed the other end under your carpeting and attach it to a speaker. 

If you’re connecting multiple speakers, connect them in series; they’ll all be controlled by one volume control knob. Connecting various speakers also creates stereo sound. For help with running speaker wire around corners or behind walls, see Running Speakers Behind Walls.


You can successfully run speaker wire under the carpet by working slowly and carefully. Since speaker wires are often visible, try plastic-coated wire instead of standard speaker wire if you are genuinely concerned about hiding them. It will be a quick and easy installation once you learn to do it correctly. 

If your home is brand new and has not been carpeted yet, consider using in-wall or in-ceiling speakers instead; they don’t require any wiring. You could even consider a wireless set of speakers; they’re becoming more popular every day.


Can you hide the speaker wire under the carpet?

How to Get Speaker Wires Under the Carpet A thick carpet can give a room an aesthetic edge, but some people aren’t comfortable having wires and cables right at their feet. If you want to hide speaker wire under the carpet, it’s possible, but be prepared for extra work. How do you get speaker wires under a rug? Read on for detailed instructions on running cable under carpets while keeping it hidden from view.

How do I run speaker wire under my car carpet?

There are many ways you can run a speaker wire under your carpet, but I will talk about my favourite way: using a flat speaker wire. The flat speaker wire is easy because it eliminates many problems with running speaker wires in other forms. Let me first talk about some of these other methods, and then we’ll talk about 

why I prefer using a flat speaker wire.

How do you put a wire under a carpet?

 To put a wire under a carpet, you would need to get a wire stretcher and start at one corner of the carpet. Then, you would pull the wire towards the center of the carpet, pulling the carpet with it. Then, you would go to the opposite corner of the carpet and repeat the process.

Can I run an Ethernet cable under the carpet?

Yes, if you have a few people to help you, it’s possible to run a cable under the carpet. However, it’s a little more difficult than it looks.

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