How to ship a monitor – Ultimate Guide

Shipping a computer monitor can be a risky task. You need to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and not just throwing away cash with the wrong shipping service, so we recommend USPS because they’re professional, careful drivers who deliver on Saturdays as well! It means there is no chance of delays or lost packages due to their carelessness (unlike other couriers). Keep reading to know how to ship a monitor safaly.

If choosing FedEx or UPS, though, I would highly recommend making sure it has full insurance coverage before committing. 

Most courier companies won’t offer this by default either but only if purchased after the purchase date). 

How to ship a monitor step by step guide

1. Gather the necessary materials. To pack and ship a monitor, you will need the following:

  • A sturdy cardboard box
  • Bubble wrap or foam peanuts
  • Tape
  • Scissors

2. If possible, remove the monitor from its stand. It will make it easier to pack and ship.

3. Wrap the monitor in bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Be sure to cover all of the surfaces, including the screen and the back of the monitor.

4. Tape up the bubble wrap or foam peanuts to not move around inside the box.

5. Place the monitor in a cardboard box. Make sure that there is plenty of room for it to move around inside.

6. Fill in the gaps with more bubble wrap or foam peanuts until they surround the monitor and cannot move inside the box.

7. Seal up the box and mark it as Fragile (if using USPS, put an electronic shipping label on it). It is now ready to be shipped!

8. If you are not shipping your monitor immediately, store it in a safe place where it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. Shipping a monitor without proper preparation can cause damage that reduces its value significantly. 

In addition, you should avoid storing a monitor for a long time before shipping because you do not know how long it has been sitting in storage and whether or not this could have caused any damage during storage time, e.g A leak in the cabinet of a television set may have damaged the circuit board or other sensitive parts and can lead to a more expensive repair bill.


Shipping a monitor can be a difficult task. Therefore, it is essential to know how to pack and ship a monitor correctly to arrive safely at its destination. In this post, we have talked you through the process of packing and shipping a monitor

We have also provided tips for ensuring that your monitor arrives in perfect condition. If you follow these tips, then your monitor will arrive safe and sound at its destination. Happy shipping!


What is the cheapest way to ship a monitor?

FedEx is the cheapest carrier for shipping monitors.

What are the risks of shipping a monitor without proper preparation?

Shipping a monitor without proper preparation, such as leaving it sitting in storage for an extended time, can cause damage to the monitor and reduce its value significantly. You should avoid shipping a monitor without proper preparation to ensure that it arrives safe and sound at its destination.

How do I pack my monitor for shipping?

When packing your monitor for shipping, it is important to take into account the size and weight of the monitor. You will need to find a box that is large enough to fit the monitor, and use crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts to fill in any empty spaces inside the box.

How much does it cost to ship a computer and monitor?

The cost to ship a computer and monitor will vary depending on the size and weight of the items, as well as the distance between the shipping locations. However, in general, it costs around $50 to $60 to ship a computer and monitor.

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