How to test amplifier without speakers – Useful Tips

You wonder how to test an amplifier without speakers, especially since it is a sound system amp. Thumping music that is cranked out at total volume in the car can be heard for miles away. It is the goal of a good sound system amplifier. 

But to have a quality sound system amp, you need to have a quality sound system to amplify. A perfect amplifier can make a good sound system perform great. This blog will help you with the process of testing an amplifier without speakers.

What is amplifier testing without speakers?

Amplifier testing without speakers is like testing a car engine without a car. The purpose of amplifier testing without speakers is to test amplification circuits without speakers connected to them.

Amplifier testing without speakers is referred to as “open-loop” tests. Typically, amplifier testing without speakers is used in situations where an amplifier is going to be used to drive a subwoofer or in a surround sound system, or when an amplifier needs to be able to drive multiple different speaker types, and there is not enough time to connect and test each type of speaker.

 While amplifier testing without speakers is a perfect way to test for the parameters that we can measure, it does not allow us to see how the amplifier will interact with the load of the speakers.

How to test amplifiers without speakers

Testing an integrated amplifier without speakers can be difficult but possible. Since there is no sound coming out of the battery powered amp, you can’t understand if the amp is working or not. 

You want to test the amplifier with a voltage meter. You should use a voltmeter where you can attach a constant voltage source and use the voltmeter to measure the DC voltage at the speaker terminals for each channel. If you don’t have a voltage source, you can try to use an old speaker or a speaker without a voice coil. The speaker without a voice coil will not disturb your DC reading.

Another best and easiest way is to use your earphones or headphones. You don’t need a fancy speaker setup, and with these earphones, you can get a good idea of the different sounds of the amp and hear the clarity it will give.

How does the amplifier work?

An amplifier is an electrical device that takes an incoming signal and makes it stronger. When you use a microphone to amplify your voice, you create a voltage that is directly proportional to the sound waves hitting the microphone’s diaphragm. 

The amplifier takes in this voltage and multiplies it. The voltage at the end of the amplifier is proportional to the voltage at the beginning. So if you have a microphone that senses sounds of 40 dB and feeds that information into an amplifier that produces a 60 dB output, the amplifier will make a sound of 40 dB and increase it to a sound of 60 dB.

How do I test amps with a multimeter?

Multimeters can be used to test various things, including electric circuits and batteries. Before using it to try an electric circuit, check the instructions for that specific multimeter. However, most multimeters are generally used in the same way:

  1. Connect the multimeter to the electric circuit. Remove any coverings from the wire that lead the multimeter to the course. To do this, you will need a screwdriver.
  2. You will need to turn the switch on to test the circuit for the multimeter.
  3. Check the meter to see the result.

Different multimeters will use other languages to describe their results. Some will let you know if the circuit is sending power or not. If the multimeter says that the circuit is sending power, then the circuit is functioning correctly. 


I hope you enjoyed our blog on how to test an amplifier without speakers. Amplifiers are not difficult things to test. They can be tested without speakers. It is a simple procedure that can be used with any amplifier. The process explained here is the standard method used with all amplifiers.


How can I test my amp sound?

There are three ways to test an amp sound. Firstly, you can use a helper to play the guitar track or record yourself playing the guitar track with a mobile or a computer. Thirdly, you can play an audio sound file with a player. I suggest you use the third way, and it is easier and more convenient. You can use your mobile to record and play the audio sound file.

How do I know if my amp is bad?

You can test this by disconnecting the speaker, setting the amp to half volume, and then touching the power amp transistors with your fingers. If the amp still works, it is a circuit or a power stage issue. If the amp stops working, it is a break in its wiring.

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