How to use roku tv as computer monitor – Ultimate Guide

Roku is a media streaming device. You can use it to stream videos and other content on your TV. It can serve as a great computer monitor if you use it as a computer monitor. It is a device that transmits the streaming video over the internet. 

But it can also be used as a monitor for your computer if you plug in your HDMI cable correctly. In the following article, we will discuss how you can use Roku as a monitor for your computer.

How to use Roku tv as a computer monitor

Roku is a brand of digital media player made by Roku Inc. Roku has a wide range of products, from digital media players to streaming services. Using your Roku account, you can stream all kinds of movies, TV shows, live TV, etc., on your Roku device. 

You cannot use a Roku device as a computer monitor directly. It would help if you had a computer or laptop connected to a Roku device via an HDMI cable. You can use Roku as a computer monitor using screen mirroring. 

Screen mirroring is the process of showing what is on a device’s screen on a television or computer monitor. You need to install the Roku Screen Mirroring app on your Android or IOS device and connect both devices using a Roku account. You can also use a Roku device as a computer monitor without screen mirroring by connecting a Roku to your computer via an HDMI cable.

How to connect Roku tv as a computer monitor

The easiest way to connect a Roku device to a monitor is to use the HDMI output port. The Roku device might have another way of connecting to the monitor. The other two ports are video and audio ports. The video port connects a component cable from the Roku device to the monitor. The audio port connects the monitor to the Roku device using the audio cable.

Another way to connect Roku TV as a computer monitor is with a Roku TV Streaming Stick. It supports resolution up to 1080P, which is twice as good as the Roku TVs. The Google Chromecast is the other device you can connect to Roku TV as a computer monitor. 

It can support resolution up to 1080P but is slightly more expensive than the Roku Streaming Stick. You can also connect Roku TV to PC using an HDMI Cable which is simply a cable used to connect Roku TV to any other computer device. However, the cable is not as good as the streaming stick and Chromecast because you can’t view them full screen on your computer monitor.

Advantages of a Roku TV as a computer monitor

Roku TV can be used as a monitor. You can use it to watch movies or play games on your computer. It’s very easy to set up. 

You need to connect it to the TV’s HDMI port using the cable that came with the TV. You can even connect the TV to your Wi-Fi network by following the on-screen instructions. 

You can then enjoy streaming media from around the world. The TV comes with a remote control, and I recommend you use it to navigate between channels. It will be a great way to watch movies online or play computer games.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to use Roku TV as a computer monitor. With a Roku TV, you can access Roku channels on your computer monitor. So download the Roku app to your computer and learn how to use your Roku TV as a computer monitor. Roku has a wide variety of channels so that you can enjoy a variety of videos, games, and much more.


What features does the Roku tv have that a computer monitor does not?

The Roku interface is much easier to use than other devices; it has many apps, including catchup TV, lots of free channels, and is pretty cheap. The picture quality is the same as a computer monitor; the only trouble is that Roku has very poor technical support.

Can I use a TCL Roku TV as a computer monitor?

Yes, you can connect any Roku TV to your computer with an HDMI cable and use it as a computer monitor. You need to enable Display Mode in your Roku Settings.

Can I use Roku on a PC?

You can use Roku on a PC, but it depends on the type of device Roku came with. It comes with a USB port, which means it can be plugged into any device that has a USB port. If Roku were given to you as a gift, you would have to buy a new device to plug into your computer. Also, Roku can only be connected to a machine with a Wi-Fi connection, and your computer will not provide such a connection.

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