How to wall mount a monitor without holes – Ultimate Guide

If you want to wall mount your monitor, but you don’t want to put any holes into it, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to do it. It might seem impossible, but most monitors can be mounted securely without drilling or special hardware. This blog will discuss how to wall mount a monitor without holes.

There are many ways to wall mount a monitor without using any holes. It can be a great way to save on desk space or protect the monitor from accidental damage. Here are a few methods that can be used:


One of the easiest ways to wall mount a monitor without using any actual mounting bolts or brackets is to use a strip of Velcro along the back of the monitor and another long strip of it on the wall. It can be done without damaging either item, although it will leave a sticky residue when removed from the monitor. 

The benefit is that if you ever need to remove your monitor, all you have to do is hold it up with one hand while pulling the Velcro strips apart.


This method is permanent but can be removed without any sticky residue if ever needed. All you need are magnets, easily obtained with a quick search of magnetic discs on Google Shopping. A strip of these underneath the monitor will always allow you to place the monitor onto the wall when needed. 

The bottom surface of your monitor will have a protective barrier between itself and whatever it may come into contact with (it’s made to protect all electronic devices from static electricity), so there won’t be penetration or scratching of any sort. You could use this exact product on any other electronic device as well, such as a laptop.


This method is similar to magnets and the velcro strip above but requires more work and materials. For this, you will need some magnetic tape (which should be included in most sticky pads), two-sided tape ( which usually comes with picture frames), and possibly some glue dots. 

Cut out a few pieces of magnetic tape about an inch long each, place them on the wall behind where your monitor will sit, covered with two-sided tape or glue dots. Then line up where you want the monitor to be placed after each use, pull off the protective backing from one side of the magnet strips, press it to the wall, and stick your monitor on it. When finished, pull off the support from one side of the magnet strip that’s left exposed, then remove the monitor again.


This method is straightforward to do if done correctly but does require two holes in the back of your monitor (one for each metal clip). You will need a drill or screwdriver to make these. find some small metal mounting clips at any hardware store, take them home and drill two holes through your monitor where you’d like it placed on the wall. 

These can be used with screws or nails, whichever works best for you. Screws are less likely to tear out over time than nails, but pins usually work fine if you drill the hole properly.


  • If you want to be extra careful not to damage your screen, you can put some masking or painter’s tape around the edges of your monitor before you screw it into place.
  • If your TV has a different size or shape than your monitor, you can use a measuring tape to find the appropriate size and shape of wall anchors/screws.
  • If you are using a drill and your screws are too long, you can use a hacksaw to cut them down to size.
  • Make sure to use a level when hanging your monitor to be straight!
  • You can also use Velcro or other types of adhesive to attach your TV to the wall if you don’t want to use screws.


Wall mounting a monitor can be helpful if you have a spare monitor and want to save some space on your desk or if you want to save some money by reusing an old monitor. It can also be a great way to customize the look of your office or home by adding some personality to your space. That’s all for now, thank you for your time, and I hope that this information is helpful to someone looking to wall mount a monitor without holes.


Do all monitors have mounting holes?

Yes. Most monitors will have a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 hole which could be used to mount the monitor. Monitors tend to have them for easier monitor installation to a VESA wall mount. 

How do I make my monitor wall mountable?

If you have a wall-mounted monitor, you must have a monitor stand before. You can remove the monitor stand and replace it with a standard mount. It would be best to have a monitor mount with a 100×100 or 75×75 classic mounting pattern. It would make your old monitor mount compatible with the standard mount. 

How do you mount a TV without putting holes in the wall?

You can mount your TV on the wall with the help of straps, cords, or a gear mechanism. You can mount your TV on the wall using straps and cords

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