How to wear headphones with curly hair

Answering the question of how to wear headphones with curly hair? It can feel overwhelming if you’re new to putting your hair up in the morning and don’t know what style will work best for you. And it’s no wonder why there are so many different types of curls, from tight corkscrews to big ringlets that create more volume at the root, that it can be tough to navigate through them all and figure out how to wear headphones with curly hair. 

Keep the Band Off Your Hair

If you have curly hair, you know that one of your most significant worries is how to wear headphones without messing up your hair. Especially if you have long, wavy or curly hair, using them can cause frizz and waves in your locks. If you’re looking for how to wear headphones with curly hair, take a note from Hollywood starlets who used to rock their coifs in an era when women were expected to look primmer and more proper at all times.

Give Yourself Some Space Around Your Ears

One simple way to keep your curls intact is to give yourself space around your ears. For example, instead of putting your headphones on like you usually would (and thus, potentially putting pressure on and squishing your curls), move them up an inch or two and let them rest behind your ears. 

This way, they’ll stay out of contact with hair and won’t cause any breakage or other damage. Plus, by allowing a little more space around each ear, you can get a better seal when listening, no more worrying about those pesky earbuds slipping out. 

Choose Headphones That Don’t Squeeze Too Tightly.

Even if you wear headphones at home, you may be surprised how they can affect your hair. Even on low volume, tight-fitting headphones can cause tension and breakage in your hair, especially if it’s already fragile or delicate. 

If you choose earbuds over headphones that rest on top of your head (they’re great for medium-to-long hair), make sure they aren’t too tight. Soft rubber is best for securing them around your ears, and silicone tips (sold separately) are worth investing in. More intense sports like running require a tighter fit because they can fall out otherwise.

Wash Your Hair Carefully After Exercising

One of many problems with wearing headphones while exercising is that sweat can damage your headphones. Additionally, moisture and dust can build up on your hair as you move around. One of our favourite things is not just how to wear headphones without messing up your hair but also how to wash curly hair after working out. 

Washing curly hair after a workout will help lock in vital moisture, which will keep it healthy and looking great. It’s essential for people with curly hair or other hair extensions or weaves, braids, etc to clean their locks correctly before allowing them to air dry. If you don’t take proper care of your curls post-workout, you could damage them!

Keep a Wide Tooth Comb Handy

Once you get past shoulder-length, curly hair becomes almost unmanageable. Adding a wide-tooth comb can help you detangle it. The key is to be gentle and patient when working through knots and tangles. Start at the bottom of your hair by taking a small section between your thumb and forefinger and gently work up towards your scalp with a brushing motion. 

For tighter areas, try holding a division between two fingers of one hand and use your other hand to brush from that point upwards towards your scalp. Be patient because some curls will resist going back into place as quickly as others may. Do not yank or pull on your hair; remember that patience is always needed for giving up on something when there’s so much effort put in before giving up!

How to wear headphones without messing up your hair?

The best thing about rocking out on your headphones is that you don’t have to sing at work. The worst thing about rocking out on your headphones is when your hair gets messed up. Today, we’re going to tell you how to avoid that. 

Here are three ways to wear your headphones so they don’t mess up your hair. These might help keep your hairstyle intact while still letting you jam out. If somebody starts talking to you while you’re wearing a set of headphones, it doesn’t mean they hate their job or wish they were listening to music at work as well, it just means that sometimes people like human interaction.


Now that you have learned about headphones and curly hair, I hope you find a way that works for you. I’ve covered many different types of headphones and methods of wearing them, so hopefully, something here has helped. If you still aren’t sure what headphones will work best for your needs, please drop us a comment below. 


How To Fix Headphone Hair and Avoid the Indentation?

First of all, try wearing your headphones further back on your head or using different types of headphones. You can also try out some products to tame any errant curls or keep them from forming when you have lots of activity (like exercise) that can encourage hair breakage. 

Can you go bald from wearing headphones?

Yes, prolonged usage of headphones might result in hair loss. Traction alopecia is the medical name for hair loss. When the band on your headphones is excessively tight, it pulls your hair from its roots. Hair loss caused by headphones is uncommon but curable.

How to wear headphones with wet hair

If you are wearing headphones with wet hair, the best way to wear the headphones is to make sure that the cord is wrapped around your ear. This will prevent the cord from getting wet and getting your hair wet. Instead of using a cord, you can simply use a headband. If you need to take the headphones off, you can use a waterproofing spray to make sure that your hair doesn’t get wet from the headphone cord.

Can you wear headphones over your hair?

 If you are fine with wearing headphones but don’t want them to touch your hair, then you can use a headband to secure them. Alternatively, you can cut out a small bit of foam from a cereal box and place it around your head in order to cushion them from the hair.

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