How to wear headphones with glasses – Best Ideas & Tips

Listening to music should be a fun experience for listeners of all ages. Wearing headphones with glasses is often uncomfortable, but there are ways that you can manage the pain without losing your sense of hearing or having an imbalance in learning abilities due to sound waves hitting different parts of your head differently because you have obstacles blocking them; from doing so!

Most people don’t think about how to wear headphones with glasses, but if you wear glasses and listen to music or podcasts regularly, it’s something you should consider. In this post, we’ll share some tips on wearing headphones with glasses and provide some advice on which headphones are best suited for people who wear glasses.

How to wear Headphones with Glasses

If you wear glasses, it’s likely that at some point, you’ll want to wear headphones too. It can be a little tricky to get the two to work together, but it’s easy to do with a few tips.

First, make sure that your headphones are adjustable. It is essential if you have large glasses frames. If the headphones are too tight, they’ll be uncomfortable to wear and could even damage your glasses.

Next, adjust the position of the headphones so that they’re not resting on your glasses frames. It will help to prevent them from getting scratched or damaged. Try bending the headphones into a U-shape and placing them over your ears, with the arms of the U resting on your shoulders.

Finally, make sure that the headphones aren’t too tight. They should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. If they’re not, loosen them until they are.

Why Does Wearing Glasses with Headphones Hurt?

There are a few reasons why wearing glasses with headphones can be uncomfortable. For one, the headphone’s pressure may cause your glasses to feel tighter and heavier than usual. Additionally, the sound from the headphones can create an echo inside your glasses frames, which can be distracting and annoying.

Tips To Wear Headphones Comfortably With Glasses

  • The most important thing you can do when it comes to figuring out how to wear headphones with glasses is adjust the position of your headphones so that they don’t rest on top of your glasses. By placing them over your shoulders, you’re creating a barrier between your ear canal and your glasses.
  • Next, choose headphones that are designed for people who wear glasses. There are a few out there, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some that work for you. Some have flexible headbands and soft earpieces that won’t scratch or damage your glasses frames.
  • Another thing you can do is try using eyeglass pads on your existing headphones. These pads help keep the pressure from the headphones off of your glasses frames, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most headphones.
  • Finally, make sure that you’re wearing the correct size headphones. If they’re too tight, they’ll be uncomfortable to wear. Loosen them until they’re comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.


Is it wrong to wear headphones all day?

It’s not wrong to wear headphones for extended periods, but playing music at high volumes can be harmful to your hearing. When listening to audio with headphones on, make sure that you adjust the volume to be at a safe level.

Why do earbuds hurt my ears?

Earbuds can be uncomfortable because they’re designed to fit inside of your ear canal. It means that they’ll put pressure on the outside of your ears, which could cause pain or discomfort. If you want to test them out without spending any money, make sure to use the tip above and try bending them into a U-shape first.

Do headphones increase ear wax?

Headphones can increase ear wax because they create sound pressure inside your ear canal.

Why are headphones uncomfortable?

If your headphones aren’t adjustable or if the band is too tight on your head, this can cause them to be uncomfortable. The band may also not fit your head correctly, leading to pain and discomfort. If you’re experiencing problems with your headphones, make sure they’re adjustable and buy a pair that fits you better.

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