What does answered motion mean on ring

In today’s fast-paced world, technology continues to reshape our lives, including how we secure our homes. One prominent player in the home security market is Ring, a company known for its innovative video doorbells and security cameras. As users of Ring devices become familiar with their features, terms like “Answered Motion” may pique their curiosity. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the “Answered Motion” concept on Ring devices, exploring its meaning, functionality, and practical implications.

Understanding Answered Motion: A Closer Look

What is Answered Motion?

When we talk about “Answered Motion” on Ring, we’re referring to the feature allowing users to receive motion alerts and access a live video feed to see what triggered the Motion. It involves acknowledging and interacting with detected Motion in real time.

How Does Answered Motion Work?

Ring devices are equipped with motion sensors that detect movement in their field of view. When Motion is detected, the device sends an alert to the user’s connected smartphone or other mobile device. Upon receiving the alert, the user can open the Ring app and view the live video feed, providing a real-time view of the detected motion event.

Key Features and Benefits of Answered Motion

  1. Instant Alerts: Answered Motion allows users to receive instant notifications on their mobile devices when Motion is detected near their Ring device. This real-time alerting feature ensures that users stay informed about potential activity around their property.
  2. Live Video Feed: With Answered Motion, users can access the live video feed of their Ring device to observe the detected motion event in real time. This capability enables users to assess the situation and take appropriate action promptly.
  3. Two-Way Communication: Many Ring devices have two-way audio capabilities, meaning users can converse with individuals near their Ring devices. This feature enhances security by enabling users to communicate with visitors, delivery personnel, or potential intruders, even when they are not physically present at home.
  4. Practical Applications of Answered Motion
  5. Enhanced Home Security: Answered Motion provides homeowners with an additional security layer. It enables them to promptly respond to suspicious activity, potentially deterring burglars or other unwelcome visitors.
  6. Package Delivery Monitoring: With the rise of online shopping, package theft has become a concern for many. By utilizing Answered Motion, Ring users can keep a close eye on package deliveries and communicate with delivery personnel, ensuring the safe receipt of their packages.
  7. Remote Monitoring: Answered Motion empowers users to remotely monitor their property and surroundings, providing peace of mind while away from home. Whether traveling or at work, users can stay connected to their Ring devices and take action if any unexpected activity is detected.


Answered Motion on Ring devices offers users a valuable tool for monitoring their homes and maintaining security. This feature empowers users to stay connected and take action when Motion is detected near their Ring devices by providing instant alerts, live video feeds, and two-way communication. Whether it’s enhancing home security, monitoring package deliveries, or remotely safeguarding the property.


Do all Ring devices support Answered Motion?

Most Ring devices, including Ring video doorbells and security cameras, support the Answered Motion feature. However, checking the specific model’s specifications is essential to confirm its availability.

Can I customize the sensitivity of Answered Motion on my Ring device?

Yes, Ring devices typically offer customizable motion settings, allowing users to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors. This feature helps to reduce false alarms or excessive notifications.

Does Answered Motion require a subscription plan?

The Answered Motion feature is available to all Ring users, regardless of whether they have a subscription plan. However, certain advanced features, such as advanced video storage options or extended warranties, may require a subscription plan.

Can I access the recorded videos of Answered Motion events?

By default, Ring devices store recorded videos of Answered Motion events in the cloud for a limited period. Users can access and review these recorded videos through the Ring app or web portal, depending on their device and subscription plan.

Can I share Answered Motion videos with others?

A5: Yes, Ring users can share Answered Motion videos with family members, neighbors, or law enforcement, depending on their preferences and specific circumstances. This feature can be useful for gathering evidence or seeking assistance if needed.

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