What does extended mean on iphone

Apple’s iPhone is known for its innovative features and user-friendly interface. One of the lesser-known but highly useful features is the “Extended” mode. The Extended mode allows users to extend the battery life of their iPhone by limiting certain functions and performance settings. In this blog post, we will delve into the “Extended” mode on iPhone and how it can benefit users. So, let’s dive in!

Understanding the Extended Mode

The Extended mode, also known as Low Power Mode, is a setting available on iPhone devices running iOS 9 or later. This mode helps conserve battery life by adjusting various settings and reducing power consumption when activated. It limits or disables certain features and performance aspects, allowing your iPhone to last longer on a single charge.

Activating the Extended Mode

Activating the Extended mode on your iPhone is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Battery.”
  • You will find the “Low Power Mode” option. Toggle it on.
  • Once activated, your iPhone will switch to the Extended mode, conserving battery life until you charge your device again or turn off Low Power Mode.

Features and Functions Affected

In Extended mode, several features and functions are affected to reduce power consumption. These include:

Mail Fetch: The frequency of automatically fetching new emails is reduced, saving battery power.

Background App Refresh: Background activities of apps are restricted, preventing them from refreshing data in the background.

Hey Siri: The “Hey Siri” feature, which activates Siri by voice command, is disabled. However, you can still access Siri manually.

Automatic Downloads: Automatic downloads of app updates, music, and other content are disabled, conserving battery power.

Visual Effects: Some visual effects, such as parallax motion effects and animated wallpapers, are turned off to save power.

App Performance: Some system animations and visual effects may be reduced, ensuring smoother performance while conserving battery life.

Screen Brightness: The brightness is dimmed to a lower level, reducing power consumption.

Auto-Lock: The auto-lock duration is shortened, resulting in the screen turning off more quickly when inactive.

Background App Activities: Certain apps may have limited access to network activity and background processing to save power.

Benefits of the Extended Mode

The Extended mode on iPhone offers several benefits to users, including:

Prolonged Battery Life: By reducing power consumption, the Extended mode allows your iPhone to last longer on a single charge, making it ideal for situations where immediate access to a power source is not possible.

Optimized Performance: While some features and visual effects are limited in Extended mode, your iPhone’s performance remains smooth and efficient, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Emergency Situations: When you’re low on battery and need your iPhone to last as long as possible, the Extended mode can be a lifesaver, enabling you to stay connected in critical situations.

Customizable Settings: iOS allows users to customize which functions are affected in the Extended mode. You can toggle specific settings on or off based on your preferences and requirements.


The Extended mode on iPhone, also known as Low Power Mode, offers users a valuable feature to conserve battery life and extend the usability of their devices. Users can enjoy prolonged battery life by adjusting settings and reducing power consumption without sacrificing essential phone functionalities. Whether you’re in a situation where immediate access to a power source is limited or want to maximize your iPhone’s battery life, the Extended mode is convenient and effective.


Can I still use my iPhone normally in Extended mode?

Yes, you can use your iPhone generally while in Extended mode. However, certain features and functions may be limited or disabled to conserve battery life.

Does Extended mode affect phone calls and text messages?

No, the Extended mode does not affect the basic phone functionalities such as making or receiving calls and sending text messages. These essential functions remain unaffected, allowing you to stay connected with others.

Can I manually enable or disable specific features in the Extended mode?

While the Extended mode applies a predefined set of settings to conserve battery life, iOS also allows you to customize the affected features. Under the “Battery” settings, you can find a list of individual settings that can be toggled on or off based on your preferences.

How much battery life can I expect to save in Extended mode?

The amount of battery life saved in Extended mode can vary depending on various factors, such as your usage patterns, the specific iPhone model you have, and the battery health. However, activating the Extended mode can significantly extend your iPhone’s battery life, allowing you to use it for a longer duration.

Can I charge my iPhone while in Extended mode?

Yes, you can charge your iPhone while it is in Extended mode. Charging your device will automatically turn off the Extended mode, and your iPhone will charge normally.

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