What is a Nearfield Monitor

Nearfield monitors are becoming more popular for mastering audio and music production. These monitors are often used by musicians and producers who are in the studio and want to hear the sound coming from the speakers. But what exactly is a nearfield monitor, and how do they work? 

In this blog post, we discuss what a nearfield monitor is and how it works. We will also talk about the different types of nearfield monitors and the advantages of owning a nearfield monitor.

What is a Nearfield Monitor?

A nearfield monitor is a loudspeaker optimized for use in close proximity to the human ear. They are designed to be used in front of a microphone or other audio source. Nearfield monitors are not intended for use in large spaces.

How Nearfield Monitors work

A nearfield monitor (or NFM) is a type built to be used near the user. Most nearfield monitors do not have a speaker or a line-in input, meaning they are not meant to be used with a desktop computer or laptop. It is typically used by DJs, musicians, and those who work with sound.

Advantages of owning a Nearfield Monitor

A Nearfield Monitor is a monitor that is designed to be used in a nearfield configuration. Nearfield monitors are typically used in recording studios, live sound mixers, DJ mixers, and chorus applications. 

These monitors usually have a smaller profile, making them easier to work with in small spaces. They are also typically more affordable than other monitors, which is why many professionals prefer them.


A near field monitor is a loudspeaker designed for use near a listener. Near field monitors are typically used in a sound mixing studio, recording studio, or auditorium. They are designed to produce accurate sound in a small space.


What are nearfield monitors used for?

Nearfield monitors are typically used by musicians, DJs, and sound engineers to recreate a live sound experience in the studio.

How far should you sit from nearfield monitors?

The closer you sit from nearfield monitors, the more you will be able to hear the details of a mix, and the more you will be able to hear the limitations of the speakers.

Are KRK monitors nearfield?

No, KRK monitors are not nearfield.

How do you place a nearfield monitor?

Nearfield monitors are usually about 0.5-2 feet away from the speaker. If a speaker is too high, it can cause the sound of the speaker to be drowned out. If a speaker is too low, the sound can be challenging.

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