Why does my headphones sound low

Everyone has experienced a low volume on headphones. It’s happened to us all. But why does it happen? There are many reasons that headphones can lose their sound. It could be because the battery is dead, or the headphones have been too long without plugging in. 

You could also be wearing the headphones too tightly, or the volume isn’t high enough. To properly enjoy your music again, read this article to discover what’s causing your headphones to sound low.

What is causing your headphones to sound low?

The first thing to do is check the volume level of your headphones. If your headphones are low, you can increase the volume by pressing the volume up button. If this doesn’t work, there is a chance that the headphones are broken. 

If the headphones are broken, you will need to replace them. If you are still unsure of what is causing the headphones to sound low, you may want to contact a professional.

How to fix it

There are many reasons for headphones to sound so low. Sometimes it is because the speaker is broken or the wire is loose. Sometimes it’s because the headphones are not plugged in all the way, or the sound is too loud. 

If you want to fix broken headphones, try plugging them into a different device with a headphone jack. If you have fixed your headphones and they still don’t sound right, try taking them off and gently pressing on the speaker to release any air bubbles.

If your headphones are playing low, there are a few things you can do to fix them:

  • You can try turning your headphones upside down. It will ensure that the bass doesn’t get blocked by the cable.
  • You can try turning your volume up. It will ensure that the sound doesn’t get muted.
  • You can try turning your headphones around.
  • It will ensure that the sound doesn’t get muted.


The sound from headphones is usually heard at a certain volume by the person wearing them. But there are many reasons why the sound is not coming out loud enough. Your headphones could be broken, the volume could be turned down, or the volume could be too high.


Why is my audio so soft?

Your headphone audio might be soft because: 

  1. The gain of the headphone amp needs to be increased. 
  2. There is a problem with the headphone cable and headphone jack itself. 
  3. The audio from the computer is distorted (Try to play a CD and see if it sounds distorted). 
  4. The audio is mixed to an incorrect level.

How do I fix low headphone volume?

A common cause of low headphone volume is a faulty jack. The sound will be soft or static-filled if the jack is bent or damaged. Check that the plug is fully inserted into the headphone jack and that your MP3 player is turned up to a high enough volume level. You can also try replacing the audio cable.

Why are my iPhone headphones so quiet?

The sound quality is most likely related to the fit of the connector on the headphone jack and the sound playback settings on your device. Try adjusting these settings (which should have a positive effect) and if the problem persists, try reinserting the jack.

What volume is safe for earphones?

The volume level for earphones should be less than 85-90dB. When you use earphones, the sound will be amplified by 30-40dB because the ears are enclosed. The sound intensity is 4-5 times more than the actual sound.

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